In Abyssinia. Observations on Tigre

Editorial team

Institutional oversight: Professor Andreas Gestrich (German Historical Institute London)

Editorial oversight: Dr Dorothea McEwan (The Warburg Institute)

British Library: Peter Barber, Head of Maps; Kimberley Kowal, Curator of Digital Mapping

German transcription: Dr Stefan Hanß and Dr Dorothea McEwan

Concordance of place names: Dr Stefan Hanß

English translation: Peggy Watson

Assistance with family history and translation: Annie and Tony Betts

Botanical expertise: Dr Sylvia Phillips and Professor Sebsebe Demissew

Biography and Bibliography: Dr Dorothea McEwan

Georeferencing: Dr Susan Major

Photography: Dr Michael Mayr

The Digital Edition is based on the software DENQ developed by Jörg Hörnschemeyer for the German Historical Institutes in Rome and London.